Traffic Design


Talk 3 – Tactical Urbanism and territorial actions

Saturday 10 October

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Traffic Design was created in 2011 out of love for urban elements and art in public space. They lead projects devoted to aesthetics, art, education, social change and corporate cultural responsibility. They are a collective of artists, graphic designers, cultural animators, sociologists and marketing specialists. They work with cities, brands, institutions and individuals, whoever strives to fill places with art and humanity. You can find them in Gdynia, Poland (where they are busy working on their public art biennale), as well as other Polish cities and abroad.

Jacek Wielebski

Jacek Wielebski – based in Gdynia, Poland, artist, designer, curator, art director of Traffic Design. Jacek started with graffiti in late 90s. He studied graphic Design in Fine Art Academy in Gdansk which he graduated in 2012.  His work is almost always dedicated to public space. Jacek Wielebski uses tools of street art and urban design to work with traditional artisans. His works are most often simple objects of everyday use, easy to find on the street like gates, eco drains, ventilation grilles, signages, street lights, typography, facade decorations, muralism, and more. Jacek is looking for objects to improve or redesign to achieve comprehensive impact on aesthetics of the streets in his city