Andrea Serio – Mettici un albero

During the two days of the workshop, an original composition will be developed in the risograph technique under the guidance of the illustrator Andrea Serio.

Talk 1 – Sustainable Futures and Ecosystems Design

The first talk scheduled for this special edition of 2020 addresses the issue of a sustainable future challenge: the Graphic Days® team will assist the guest panel in an open discussion on Ecosystems Design.

DINAMO & Michelangelo Nigra – HHOHH OOHOO

A two days workshop with DINAMO + Michelangelo Nigra about typefaces, developing starting points and design ideas from analog to digital to variable.

Talk 2 – Innovative education and Design-thinking training

How do research and training change in a context in which experimentation is aimed at improving community life? Design thinking, social innovation, urban design and learning methodologies are the main topics that will be discussed within this talk.

Talk 3 – Tactical Urbanism and territorial actions

Tactical urbanism are all those experimental projects with an elevated communicative value that are aimed at modifying public spaces by directly involving local citizens.

Matteo Berton – Paesaggi e passaggi

Distant universes, places made of counted minutes or infinite spaces, where shades are ambivalent and paved trails intersect; the illustrator Matteo Berton will lead an expedition to discover exotic atmospheres.

Talk 4 – Digital Innovation and community building

The guests’ panel of this talk will share its thoughts on the implications related to the transition from one paradigm to another in the field of online communications.