Matteo Berton – Paesaggi e passaggi

Distant universes, places made of counted minutes or infinite spaces, where shades are ambivalent and paved trails intersect; the illustrator Matteo Berton will lead an expedition to discover exotic atmospheres.

A creative workshop for designers, artists or aspirants who have the curiosity and audacity to experiment with techniques, tools and lots and lots of colors. On the first day, the participants will work on the composition of a personal subject in digital, reproducing the tempera technique. While on the second day a final layer with acetate and acrylic will be produced and printed in superimposition with the screen printing technique.

The workshop will be held in Italian.


Basic knowledge of drawing and illustration


Illustrators, artists

Necessary Material

All the useful material will be provided by Print Club Torino. Every participant is free to bring personal drawing tools if preferred. The use of the laptop is optional, at the discretion of the participants.