Festival | Programme
September 16-26
Abracadabra | Programme
Date 6-26

In the city

A calendar of free events spread throughout the city. 

During the day of 17th September lectures, exhibitions and workshops dedicated to the visual arts will alternate, through the involvement of various cultural realities and players from related and non-related fields with the intention of favouring virtuous processes of contamination between ideas and skills.

The locations are heterogenerous and numerous: official venues and informal spaces, places not generally accessible for the public and unexpected like the window of a design studio or unexplored city courtyards.

Associazione Archivio Tipografico e Associazione Amalgama

Cecilia Campironi, Nicoletta Daldanise, Paola Fagnola

Truly Design feat. Elisa Seitzinger, Petunia Ollister & Fernando Cobelo.

Pierluca Zizzi e React Immagine & Comunicazione
Scuola internazionale di Comics

Sélva creative studio

Circolo del Design in collaborazione con FabLab Torino e Fablab Supsi

Associazione Azimut