Festival | Programme
September 16-26
Abracadabra | Programme
Date 6-26


The initiatives organized through collaboration with cultural institutions of the territory.


Fonderia Caratteri Nebiolo 1869–1978: nuovi studi critici

16-17 September, 9.00 am

Conference curated by Nebiolo History Project, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino

A scientific conference dedicated to the historic Fonderia Nebiolo. In addition to tracing an organic picture of the activities / events of the Turin foundry, the interventions by the most up-to-date national and international scholars will make it possible to shed light on aspects that have not been investigated so far in the Italian type / graphic history.


Documentare la grafica del ’900. Come? Perché?

21 September, 5.00 pm

A meeting curated by Istituto piemontese per la storia della Resistenza e della società contemporanea “Giorgio Agosti”, Polo del ‘900

A meeting to present the collection that documents the graphic and cultural activity of Gianfranco Torri, his design paths and the contents of his creations. Torri will discuss it with Luciano Boccalatte and Mario Piazza.