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A fanzine that talks about contemporaneity, starting from the valorization of magazines and publications that can be consulted in the Turin civic libraries circuit. A fanzine that gives voice to Turin’s schools, cultural institutions and associations to address current issues, with an eye to social design.


The fanzine that doesn't stand still

Corrente was born from the collaboration of Print Club Torino and Graphic Days® with Biblioteche Civiche Torinesi, on the occasion of the reopening of the Alberto Geisser library inside the Michelotti Park. The fanzine draws inspiration from magazines and publications that can be consulted within the libraries and through the web portal to address current issues: from climate change to LGBTQAI+ issues, from cyberbullying to fake news, from multiculturalism to policies for public space, just to mention the main ones.

Corrente is created together with the Graphic Days® Young Board, a group of students passionate about visual and social design, who support the Graphic Days® team in identifying the issues at the center of the public debate and in providing feedback through a reasoned selection of thematic articles.

The editorial activity takes place inside the Geisser library, where editorial workshops are also held with some Turin schools: each issue of the fanzine hosts the outcome of the research activity on a topic by a class. Finally, the fanzine gives space to the presentation of some of the city’s cultural initiatives: the activities of Turin libraries, museums, associations and festivals.


Why Corrente?

Because it is a fanzine that deals with contemporaneity, aware of the most burning issues and which, like the current of the river, does not stand still, but touches on different topics, with a plural approach, open to contamination and to many currents of thought. And which, sometimes, like electric current, gives a small shock to remember that certain issues can no longer be postponed, even if this means going against the current.

Corrente is printed in two-color Risograph in 1000 copies and hand-bound by the Print Club Torino at the Geisser library.

The project does not end here however: the 16 pages of the fanzine offer an access key to further insights; the theme of each issue is addressed through a selection of articles taken from the magazines and volumes that can be consulted in the Turin library; these are presented in Corrente as short abstracts and links so you can read the content in full.

Furthermore, the illustration of the central pages lends itself to digital interaction with the user: by framing the QR code from the fanzine or by accessing this link: Click to mix – Graphic Days it is possible to decompose and modify the image creating your own personal opera.

As a corollary to the fanzine, a calendar of events, exhibitions, conferences, workshops for children and activities that will involve the internal spaces and the park to encourage the opening of the library to the neighbourhood.


Technical informations

Format: 18,5 x 26 cm
16 pages
Paper Fedrigoni Materica Kraft 180g for the cover
Paper Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 140g for the interior pages
Soya-based Risograph inks
Risograph printing has a low environmental impact: the matrix paper comes from banana leaves and uses low temperatures, making the process more sustainable in terms of energy

Corrente is a Print Club Torino project curated by Graphic Days® with Biblioteche Civiche Torinesi in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino – Dipartimento Architettura e Design, Università di Torino – Dipartimento Studi Storici, Torino Giovani and Fondazione Paideia.

Print Club Torino is a creative printing and graphic arts laboratory, catalyst of a creative community; a space in which to experiment and share ideas, techniques and processes.

Graphic Days® is an international festival of visual and social design, an observatory on contemporaneity and an innovative center that curates and creates cultural projects with social implications.

The fanzine is created by the Graphic Days® team in collaboration with the Young Board: Riccardo Cecati, Mattia Lorenzo Nicolais Fenoglio, Beatrice Gradanti, Christian Gruppo, Federico Negri, Emanuele Pece, Irene Tozzi e Camilla Zaggia.

The digital interaction has been designed by Valeria Morano e Antonio Rubino.