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The Graphic Days® festival is an initiative dedicated to Italian and international visual design which, starting from the great icons of history up to contemporary professionals, informs about  360-degree visual communication and its contaminations.

An annual event that has taken place since 2016 and involves the most important artists, professionals and studios of the international scene in a diffused festival.


2016 - now


The goal of the festival is to support the cultural value of visual communication, provide new design and expressive stimuli and contribute to exchange and critical confrontation through workshops, exhibitions, conferences, performances.

The event aims to shorten the distance between the layman and the world of visual design, through the mix of sectorial initiatives and informative appointments.

Every year the festival hosts a foreign country through the Eyes On format: Spain (2017), Poland (2018), Romania (2019), China (2019), the Netherlands (2021) and Ukraine (2021) with the aim of showing the history and values of the selected country through graphic works dedicated to the daily life, traditions and culture of its people.

The festival also hosts the calendar of In the city initiatives created through the involvement of the visual design studios of the territory and various curatorial realities of related and non-related fields, with the aim of encouraging virtuous processes of contamination between ideas and skills and encourage the dissemination of visual communication initiatives in the context of the city.

Print Club Torino

A dynamic and multi-project cultural center which combines social innovation design and visual culture through courses, activities, events, collaborations and immersive experiences that revolve around the themes of social inclusion and accessability. 

It is the catalyst of a creative community on the move that promotes experimentation and the sharing of ideas, techniques and planning.

It started out with the intention of creating connections in the territory by promoting the sharing of  knowledge of craftsmen thanks to a transversal approach between the different sectors involved.


Founded in 2012, Quattrolinee is a brand agency based in Turin combining strategy, design and technology to create innovative communication actions. The agency builds digital and analog communication strategies starting with visual identity design. Their team is composed of different professional profiles who work together to design original projects and strategies with a high quality visual approach.

Associazione Plug

A horizontal and participative non-profit organization. It focuses on social and environmental sustainability. Professionals coming from different fields, from design to visual communication, work together on cultural projects related to education, art, and sustainability to generate a positive impact on society. The aim of the association is to spark open debates and affect people’s behaviour by enhancing their awareness.