Singolare Plurale

Trapped in Suburbia

Design duo Trapped in Suburbia works across a variety of design disciplines to transform design into experiences. From their main studio based in Amsterdam, Cuby Gerards and Karin Langeveld work together on commissioned and self-initiated projects.

From experience design comes involvement, from involvement comes real understanding and a true connection with your audience.

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”

Trapped in Suburbia blend the fields of graphic, branding, spatial and interactive design and originality is always their starting point. Their thinking goes beyond the expected with exploding posters, oven-baked books, foggy exhibitions and walls covered with sandpaper. They embrace witty playfulness and a willingness to experiment. Their niche then is letting it all hang out, pursuing their curiosity in a refreshing positive manner. They live up to their nickname, The Harry Potters of design.