Festival | Programme
September 16-26
Abracadabra | Programme
Date 6-26

Dalton Maag / Anatomy of a logotype

Knowledge of optical principles is fundamental for a successful logo design. One must understand how these principles facilitate readability in different contexts and sizes. Another aspect to take into consideration is the diversity of typographical variables, that help in representing the emotional attributes of a certain brand.

During this workshop, the functional and expressive potential of letters will be explored, while offering essential notions for determining proper style in the vibrant contemporary typographic landscape.

Each participant will experiment with logo proposals for a brand, based on a specific brief. This process will go through composing different digital fonts, conceptualizing using felt-tip pen on paper, and finding unprecedented visual solutions through experimentation with the typographical variables. Participants will critically analyze their work through group reviews, practising a professional approach to discussing the typographical artefact.


Manual conceptualization of lettering and typefaces; digital text composition.

Skills required 

Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and curiosity towards the world of letters is required.


Visual designers, graphic designers, students, creatives looking for professionalizing methods.

Necessary material