Festival | Programme
September 16-26
Abracadabra | Programme
Date 6-26

Print Club Torino / Biùtiful Mistakes

The power of error as a source of inspiration: linguistic, perspective, print. The development of ‘lateral thinking’ and exploration of imprecision are the themes that will be explored as a possibility of knowledge. Thanks to the risograph printing we will enhance imperfections, and overlays, unexpected.

The workshop will be held in Italian.


Risograph, mixed techniques

Required skills

Previous skills are not requested, but a desire to try new creative approaches.


Graphic designers, illustrators, architects, photographers and curious.

Necessary material

Every participant can use their personal laptop to make the subjects.
No special materials are needed but it is recommended to bring with you images, illustrations, fabrics, textures, cutouts and printed papers to make your own work more interesting.