Joseph Toereki

Joseph Toereki is a multidisciplinary artist from Germany with an enormous fascination for craftsmanship, technology and nature. After his vocational training as graphic designer and working in an agency for many years he started to taught himself metal and woodworking skills, followed by ceramics and 3D. After his agency time in munich he moved back to his hometown near Heidelberg where he started his own business with a small studio specialized in 3D and the practice of craftsmanship.

One of his concerns is to translate and reinforce the aesthetics, mindset and morals of physical craftsmanship into the digital. But it’s also his curiosity to see what happens when you break with tradition, using modern technology to move physical to the digital and vice versa. Because nature is one of his greatest sources of inspiration it is also about to educate and draw attention to it. The idea to ground himself and others by looking at his work. A kind of digital meditation.