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Experimentation, multisensoriality, interactivity: three key words to sum up the dark room of the Graphic Days® festival.

Dark Room Experience



On the occasion of the sixth edition of the festival we wanted to give shape to the research path on the new experimental languages that we had developed in the last year, creating an immersive and multisensory environment at the beginning of the exhibition itinerary.

The installation expanded from the exploration of the world of sensorality and the man-machine relationship, to propose a reflection on interaction, on the ways in which people relate to each other and to objects. Using the visual codes of generative and kinetic art as a language, we created an immersive and multisensory environment.

During the visit, from the aesthetic exploration of space we moved on to an active, individual fruition, in which the viewer could intevene directly, connecting with other users.

The installation allowed the audience to experience direct and immersive interaction through an audio-video system, using a MIDI console. The operation was designed to ensure that also an audience of non-experts was able to create and modify very sophisticated visuals.

In the last section of the exhibition, visitors could use their bodies as a means of communication to create a unique visual in an immediate and intuitive way. Through Kinect 2.0, the viewer interacts with predefined visuals, investigating three fundamental aspects of visual design: color, shape and lettering.

The result is an individual image, which joins those of other users, giving life to a collective work, a synthesis of the individual actions and creativity of each person.