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A huge laboratory dedicated to the press open to the public for 10 days at the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin

Graphic Days® Vol.8

Print Parade

May 4-14 2023


The Graphic Days® festival is an appointment dedicated to Italian and international visual design which since 2016 has involved the most relevant artists, professionals and studios on the international scene.

The theme

From May 4 to 14, the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin was transformed into a large laboratory dedicated to printing: exhibitions, performances, talks, live printing sessions and workshops to narrate experiences from the five continents, showing how an idea is transformed into a tangible product. The cultural schedule of the festival was divided into three macro-areas:

LIVE PRINTING: a permanent open workspace organized by the Print Club Torino laboratory divided into 4 sections in which for the entire duration of the festival, artists, designers and printers took turns giving life to a live printing parade. 4 stations to show how some of the main craft techniques work: screen printing, risograph, engraving, mixed techniques (collage, cyanotype, letterpress and papier-mâché). The result of the residencies was exhibited during the festival inside the Cavallerizza, enriching the visit itinerary.

An EXHIBITION PATH to offer a 360° overview of the artistic productions, posters and fanzines made in screen printing and risograph alternated with glazed ceramics, collages and cement engravings to show the variety of supports and possibilities that the world of artisanal printing offers. The works of: Atelier Bingo (FR), Bebe Books (BE), Anthony Burrill (UK), Čierne Diery (SK), Studio GdB (NL), Graphics flowers shop (PL), Johny Ngbwa, Paint It Black were exhibited (IT), Print Club Torino (IT), Andrea Serio (IT) and Vinicius Libardoni (BR).
Among the exhibitions, Print Around the World, a focus on Print Clubs around the world and their communities, a selection of motion graphics to highlight how the boundaries between analog and digital are blurring through language experimentation and the dedicated exhibition to the third edition of Neology.
In addition to the contents displayed inside the Cavallerizza, 3 outdoor exhibitions were held, with free access: under the arcades of via Po, between Via Rossini and Via Sant’Ottavio, starting from April 17 an exhibition dedicated to the verses of Alda Merini taken from “Io non ho bisogno di denaro”; from April 18, under the arches of Corso San Martino, within the Spazio Portici project, a selection of the winning posters of the eleventh edition of the international Posterheroes contest, while the entirely visible from 4 May in the courtyard of the Cavallerizza Reale.

A CALENDAR OF EVENTS with workshops, talks, performances, concerts, a market fair and a section of initiatives dedicated to schools and families.

The In the city calendar has spread throughout the city: on May 9 and 11, the design studios of the area opened their doors to the public by proposing exhibitions, conferences and activities related to the visual arts and contamination.

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The conference program consists of 4 talks with Anthony Burrill, Benedetta Crippa, Rejane Dal Bello, Studio GdB, Vasjen Katro (Baugasm), Atelier Bingo, Vinicius Libardoni, Anna Pepe,, Fernando Cobelo, Francesco Poroli, Elisa Seitzinger , Elisa Talentino, Van Orton, Giancarlo Busato, Fábrica de Texturas and YUK FUN.

In addition, the awarding of the winners of the third edition of Neologia call in the presence of all the project partners and 3 events in collaboration with Fedrigoni, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Art Directors Club and UNA United Communication Companies.

During the inauguration, 6 live artistic performances were organized with Luca Barcellona – calligraphy, Truly Design – street art, Vinicius Libardoni – engraving, Graphics Flower Shop – screen printing, Print Club Torino – risograph and Laboratorio Zanzara – creative printing, while at the end of the Fabrica student residency, a live multimedia exhibition was proposed.

In the evening, also some moments of live music with DJ sets by Taxi 42 and performances by Sonambient and High Files Collective and by Jack Sapienza & Andrea Dipa.

The schedule of workshops is packed: 14 for adults, professionals and non-professionals, and 8 for boys and girls. These are the artists and workshops involved: Anna Pepe, Andrea Serio, Vinicius Libardoni,, Anthony Burrill, Atelier Bingo, Print Club Torino, Yuk Fun,, Giancarlo Busato, Fábrica de texturas, Massimo Polello, Zetafonts, Laboratorio Zanzara, Loes Riphagen and Floor Rieder 

A project by: Print Club Torino, Quattrolineae, Plug

With the support of: Fondazione Compagnia di Sanpaolo, Iren

International partners: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, ITC ILO, Polish Graphic Design, Futuro Presente, Nederlands Letterenfonds Dutch Foundation for Literature

Cultural partners: Posterheroes, Paratissima, Laboratorio Zanzara, The Goodness Factory, Fabrica, Turismo Torino

With the patronage of the Piedmont Region, the Metropolitan City of Turin, the City of Turin, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, AIAP, the Art Directors Club, UNA United Communication Companies

Design and web: Quattrolinee

Main technical partners: Printaly, Fedrigoni

Technical partners: Sublitex, ATS service, Sticker Mule, Promos Comunicazione, La Rinascente, Quasar, Evoluzione Ufficio, Agielle

Media partner: RBL

Community partners: Instagrammers, Marketers

Accommodation partner: CX Turin Regina Student & Explorer Place, COMBO

A huge Print Parade inside the Cavallerizza Reale from May 4 to 14 with exhibitions, performances, talks, live printing sessions and workshops for all ages.

I nostri numeri

17 exhibitions

14 workshops

8 workshops for Kids

8 talks

6 performances

4 live musical events

10 artist residencies

86 guests

8500 participants

14 exhibitions to offer a 360° overview of artistic productions; posters and fanzines made in screen printing and risograph alternated with glazed ceramics, collages and cement engravings to show the variety of supports and possibilities that the world of handcrafted printing offers.

3 outdoor exhibitions, with free access:
“I don’t need money”, under the arcades of via Po, dedicated to the lines taken from the homonymous poem by Alda Merini.
“Mindful or mind full? Shifting the learning paradigm”, the exhibition dedicated to the winners of the eleventh edition of the international Posterheroes contest, in Corso San Martino, within the Spazio Portici project, and in the courtyard of the Cavallerizza Reale.

4 live printing stations curated by Print Club Torino with artists and printmakers:, Andrea Serio, Oficyna Peryferie, Kabinet Studio, Mattia Riami, Loes Riphagen, Graphics Flower Shop, Anthony Burrill, Anna Pepe, Vasjen Katro (Baugasm), Mattia Riami, YUK FUN, Vinicius Libardoni, Johny H. Ngbwa, Giancarlo Busato, Xaviera Altena, Floor Rieder, Laboratorio Zanzara, Fábrica de Texturas, Atelier Bingo, Libri Finti Clandestini e 5X Letterpress.

12 workshops and 2 masterclasses in which to experiment with the guidance of professionals from all over Europe on the main printing techniques, from screen printing to risograph, from drypoint engraving to cyanotype. The training calendar also includes experiences to give vent to creative freedom with collages, stencils, models and shapes.


Taking up the legacy of the 2022 edition of the festival, a schedule of workshops was proposed for kids who, during the weekend, practiced papier-mâché, collage, drawing, typographic composition and engraving of glass.

A Design Talk with some of the most influential names in the panorama of contemporary visual communication: Anthony Burrill, Benedetta Crippa, Rejane Dal Bello, Studio GdB e Vasjen Katro (Baugasm)

Numerous meetings with illustrators, printmakers, designers and artists, to encourage the exchange of knowledge and to share a few tricks of the trade.


A day of market fair with studios, artists and independent realities in the field of visual arts: 70magenta, AlePsaca, BOLO Paper, Elena D’Oria e Giorgio Fasano, Giorgia Oldano, Giulia Iaquinta, Inchiostro Festival, Ink Line di Corni Elisabetta, Laboratorio Zanzara, Mara Pidello, Margine Officine, Morsi Editore, Omar Edous, Ragù Studio, Tapirulan.

Many performative moments with artists in the field of calligraphy, street art, engraving and printing techniques and 4 live musical experiences with visual and sound designers highlighting, through projections and sounds, the link between the analog and digital world.

The In the city calendar: 40 appointments spread across 28 locations including design studios, galleries, shops and exhibition spaces. Two evenings, on May 9 and 11, to get in touch with the eclectic nature of the Turin creative scene.