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An appointment dedicated to Kids, with workshops for schools and families that will involve children in visual design activities.

Design With Kids

7 - 8 October 2022

Social Design

Within the spaces of Cumiana15, a two-day event dedicated to girls and boys aged between 6 and 11 and their families was organized with the aim of stimulating the development of creativity and cognitive skills in children. The calendar is made up of workshops curated by Print Club Torino, University of Bolzano, Marameo Lab, Claude Marzotto, Pietro Corraini and Laura Rodella.

Different from whom?

A reflection on the issues of diversity and inclusion through the design of new faces, created freely through a game of dice and the composition of graphic elements.

Narratives on fabric

Starting from the iconography of the flags, the idea of ​​an identity banner is overcome by creating with the children the flags of an ideal kingdom, the result of the integration of multiple everyday objects and symbols of the natural world.

And so we went out to see the stars again

Through the use of stamps and movable characters, the children have created infinite patterns and combinations with which they have realized different characters that dwell in space.

Atlas of fantastic places

The children collectively drew a map the size of a playground, suitable for being reproduced in 2 spot colours.

The secrets of the forest

Trees, plants, mushrooms, animals, rocks have been built with many different shapes, composing and coloring a collective forest to understand what an ecosystem is, what elements make it up and how to create a pattern.

The blanket of words

The participants wrote a network of connected words on a long strip of paper, transforming some letters through the use of drawing and collage and starting from these a story on environmental issues was invented.

My town

During the workshop the children drew a large map to shape a new ideal city, full of extraordinary places, buildings, houses and gardens, not forgetting the underground.

Mr. Gutenberg

Every object released from Mr. Gutenberg’s suitcase can become an engraving tool, with which to prepare many “matrixes” to compose and print words.

Poster in a cage

A workshop dedicated to the theme of inclusion, to get out of the stereotypes of representation through the use of the graphic grid and with the help of drawing and typography.

Everybody prints
By crossing various techniques and systems inspired by the history of printing, a real human typography was built capable of producing a small edition of original posters.

Drawing machines

Inexpensive objects, often built with recycled materials, designed not to teach drawing but to let children experience, through play, the freer dimension of drawing and self-expression, with the use of sponges, bubbles of soap, hula hoop and mystery boxes.