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A fanzine and a calendar of initiatives within the Geisser library to encourage the opening of the library to the neighborhood, addressing current issues.

The library network

On the occasion of the reopening of the Alberto Geisser library, a new collaboration was born between Graphic Days® and the network of Turin Civic Libraries:

a laboratory for the editorial activity and risograph printing of the Corrente fanzine was created within the Geisser spaces.

As a corollary, Graphic Days® curates a calendar of events: exhibitions, conferences, workshops for children and activities involving the internal spaces and the park to encourage the opening of the library to the neighbourhood, addressing current issues.

March 7
Tactile book reading workshop
5.00 pm


Fingers can not only touch but also travel, read and even dream: you just need the right books! A reading in the dark of tactile books suitable for nursery school children will pave the way for multisensory exploration activities through which to discover hidden communicative possibilities of different materials and from which to build new pages for curious fingers and eyes!


Area onlus
The association takes care of children and young people with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN), and their family members and caregivers, welcoming over 350 families every year. The Vietato Non Sfogliare project promotes the knowledge and use of accessible books – tactile with translation in Braille, symbols, sign language, highly readable, without words, audiobooks, ebooks, game books,… – through the construction of inclusive paths.
Participation is free. Registration here.

February 21, 2024
Beyond the eyes. Theater workshop
h. 6.00 pm

Blindness is scary because how do you deal with a world without sight?
Darkness is an opportunity: darkness refines the senses and perceptions, it offers the possibility of going further, beyond the eyes. A laboratory on darkness and the senses, a space of common creation in which theatrical practices lead to discovery the invisible.


Erica Pianalto, visually impaired artist, deals with theatre, dance and performance. She collaborates with the company Tecnologia Filosofica (Turin) and since 2019 she has been working to create artistic and laboratory projects that tell about disabilities. She organizes and leads Teatro Selvatico (Cuneo) and Level 4 (Vicenza) projects, such as the Echi theater laboratory and CrashTest Teatro Festival.

Participation is free. Registration here.

February 8 – March 31 2024
Beautifully Diverse

The winning projects of the latest edition of the Posterheroes poster design competition of the Plug association are exhibited in the Alberto Geisser library: a reflection on the communication of disability in order to promote a culture of diversity free of stereotypes and to enhance authentic and transformative narratives.

December 14, 2023


A free and guided play activity workshop for boys and girls of all ages with Rigamajig, the award-winning construction kit designed by toy designer Cas Holman, used in schools and public spaces all over the world: an open game without rules that stimulates learning, creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills.

20 November-20 January 2023


Abracadabra exhibition with the 60 works participating in the first edition of the project.

November 29, 2023

Illustrate by nature

A rich calendar of live moments dedicated to illustration with some of the artists exhibited in the exhibition: starting from 5pm workshops for children, curated by Cecilia Campironi and Madeleine Frochaux, followed by a live performance dedicated to watercolor with Silvia Gariglio and finally to 7.00 pm the “talking posters”: Nicolò Canova, Daniela Costa and Chiara Morra talked about the creative process and the message transmitted with the illustration on display.

For the inauguration of the Geisser library, the fanzine project was presented, allowing the public to participate in an interactive experience by interacting with the illustration of the fanzine, print their personal work and rework it through specifically designed stamps.