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Graphic Matters

Graphic Matters is an international biennial about graphic design in Breda, presenting mainly in public spaces. GM’s projects aim at making people reflect on the importance of visual culture in our society. Once every two years, they organise a festival with a programme of exhibitions, workshops, talkshows and events. In addition to the festival, they organise several projects in the public space throughout the year.

Besides, GM offers with Graphic Matters Lab an ongoing program through collaboration and public presentations facilitating design research into themes to be discussed in future biennials.

Other than Graphic Matters, their team also works on Blind Walls Gallery and 3sec.gallery.

GM was asked by Graphic Days® to present an exhibition in Toolbox Coworking for Eyes On the Netherlands. In turn GM asked The Palace of Typographic Masonry to develop a presentation that would take off from the publication “Bij de plattegrond van het Paleis”, which is a description of 26 spaces in the imaginary building.

Graphic Matters is partnering with Graphic Days® in presenting The Palace of Typographic Masonry by Richard Niessen and producing the poster exhibition by Daan Rietbergen.

Dennis Elbers

Born in 1979, Dennis Elbers is a cultural entrepreneur from Breda (NL). He’s the founder and director of Graphic Matters. A biennial festival showing how visual communication shapes people’s perspective on current matters.
Dennis is fascinated by the impact of visual culture on our life. His mission is to show that, even if it is often regarded as unobtrusive, graphic design is actually extraordinary. To do so, he invites designers to produce artistic interventions in public spaces and museums. These activities offer them the opportunity to develop self-initiated projects into practice shaping examples.
Dennis occasionally publishes his observations in design media like 360°, Dee magazine, Etapes:, Dude and Gestalten.tv. Furthermore, he enjoys the dissemination of these observations in talks and debates.