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Magic! Paper transforms back into trees.

100 illustrations for a charitable goal: to do good to the environment by planting new trees in the city.



Social Design

We selected 60 works by internationally renowned illustrators. By purchasing the illustrations, postcards or the catalog at the online shop (link) you will contribute to planting new trees in the city: the proceeds will, in fact, be donated to the “Donate a tree” project of the City of Turin

The illustrations are also presented in some public exhibition occasions: by lining up the QR code printed on the individual works, the viewer can take part in a gamification experience thanks to the Goodvertising application developed by IGPDecaux and proceed with the purchase on e-commerce.

Why “Abracadabra”?

Abracadabra is the best known magical formula in the world, unchanged in all languages and a magical tool to change sensitive reality. In the past the term indicated a talisman in the shape of a triangle that contained the magic word within it. If turned with the point upwards, the triangle has the function of a cone of power, to channel and increase magic. In Abracadabra’s visual the triangle transforms into a tree.

The project was created by Graphic Days®
in collaboration with:

Città di Torino
Museo Egizio
IGP Decaux
Technical partner: Printaly

Zaccaria Aghmir, Giacomo Bagnara, Marianna Balducci, Roberto Blefari, Davide Bonazzi, Francesco Bongiorni, Valentina Bongiovanni, Silvio Boselli, Andrea Bozzo, Ramona Bruno, Cachetejack, Cecilia Campironi, Nicolò Canova, Andrea Casciu, Eleonora Casetta, Daniele Catalli, Francesco Chiacchio, Sara Ciprandi, Fernando Cobelo, Irene Coletto, Riccardo Colombo, Giulia Conoscenti, Daniela Costa, Francesco Del Re, Polina Doroshenko, Lukas Eggert, Gianluca Folì, Elisa Francioli, Madeleine Frochaux, Beatrice Gasca Queirazza, Oleg Grychshenko, Carolina Grosa, Riccardo Guasco, Joey Guidone, Diego Mallo, Marina Marcolin, Alessia Marini, Danilo Mondino, Chiara Morra, Giulia Pastorino, Alice Piaggio, Mara Pidello, Gabriele Pino, Giordano Poloni, Emiliano Ponzi, Francesco Poroli, Egio Rocio, Jacopo Rosati, Donato Sansone, Davide Saraceno, Lucio Schiavon, Elisa Seitzinger, Alice Serafino, Andrea Serio, Olena Staranchuk, Ilaria Urbinati, Van Orton, Giulio Vesprini, Martina Zena.

Alberto Geisser Library
November 16 2023 – January 20 2024
Corso Casale 5

Via Bruino
April 11 2022
Nursery school E. Luzzati, Torino

The Others Art Fair
November 4 – 7 2021
Torino Esposizione, Pavilion 3
Entrance: Via Francesco Petrarca 39/B, Turin

The Egyptian Museum courtyard
September 19 2021 – January 9 2022
Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, Turin

Festival Graphic Days®
September 16-26 2021
Toolbox Coworking
Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2, Turin

Circuito IGPDecaux
September 6-28 2021
Various locations, in advertising spaces at street level and in the subway stations, Turin.

By purchasing the illustrations, postcards or the catalog of 100 works donated by internationally renowned illustrators , you will contribute to increasing urban green. The proceeds will be donated to the “Donate a tree” project of the City of Turin.

Abracadabra is also an exhibition that moves to different places in the city: by lining up the QR code present in the works on display, you can live a gamification experience thanks to the Goodvertising application developed by IGPDecaux and proceed with the purchase on e-commerce.

Thanks to the resources of Abracadabra, in November 2023, 20 new trees were planted in the school courtyards of 5 Turin schools: E. Luzzati nursery school, A. Manzi nursery school, Quaranta nursery school, 1st grade secondary school Drovetti and Peter Pan nursery school.
Furthermore, at the Luzzati school, a participatory planning process was developed through laboratory activities with children which led to the creation together with the families of an urban art intervention on the wall that borders the garden.
More info about the project.

Abracadabra was exhibited in the IGPDecaux public billboard circuit, at the Courtyard of the Egyptian Museum, during the Graphic Days® 2021 Festival, during The Others Art Fair 2021, for the inauguration of a new exhibition space in the perimeter walls of the nursery school Luzzati in via Bruino and inside the Geisser Library in Turin.

Compagnia dei Caraibi has adopted an “Abracadabra limited collection”.
Having become a Benefit Company in 2022 and waiting to receive the B Corp brand, Compagnia dei Caraibi has identified four areas of action that it considers as important as economic results and for which it is committed to concrete actions: Environment, Culture, People and Social & Gender Equality; inspired by the values that these themes bring with them, Isabella Conti and Davide Bonazzi, selected through the intermediation of the Graphic Days® team, have created four illustrations that will be added to the main collection, enriching the local crowdfunding initiative.
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