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An open air exhibition itinerary

Spazio Portici

2022 - now


Within Spazio Portici – Percorsi creativi project, we curate exhibitions dedicated to graphic art together with the Fondazione Contrada, an opportunity to transform a place of passage into a community cultural space.

February 2024
Beautifully diverse
A selection of the winning projects from the twelfth edition of Posterheroes, born from the desire to challenge the dominant communication on disability in order to promote a culture of diversity free of stereotypes and to enhance authentic and transformative narratives.

2023 September

City Playground

An exhibition but also a “game” to think about the fundamental role that public space plays in daily life: 10 posters to highlight 10 aspects of urban life and a digital experience to design your own ideal city starting from the identification of its functions, answering the questions:

What is home for you? What makes you feel recharged? What makes you feel connected to others? What makes you feel comfortable? What makes you feel inspired? What makes you feel involved?

Design your ideal city! Go to the website

2023 May

MINDFUL OR MIND FULL? Shifting the learning paradigm

On display is a selection of the winning works from the eleventh edition of Posterheroes contest by Plug, dedicated to the valorization of visual design projects that investigate and describe the concept of slow learning, as an alternative to learning processes with high technological content.

2022 September

Every child should

A poster exhibition to celebrate the right to play for children on the occasion of the 5th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labor which was held in Durban, in South Africa in 2022. The exhibition presents 10 actions that every child should be able to take, to highlight how 160 million minors in the world still do not have access to fundamental rights.